CuroNext Features

CURO Next is NEXT generation cloud based community management and security system.
It’s a mobile app based system, designed and developed around basic day to day requirements of society to make society automated and secured.
System helps to make managing regular visitors, casual visitors and guests secured, seamless and paperless.
It’s fast, helpful and easy to use application available in very affordable costs for societies.


Staff Management

CuroNext staff management allows management to add service staff with their documents to system. System maintains attendance od staff so that user to add service staff to thier flat and can view their arrival and exit from society.


Guest Mangement

CuroNext guest management allows user to add details in advance about guests visiting their flat for seamless entry into society. Guard would verify guest on arrival and can notify residents about guest arrival for approval.


Regular Visitors Management

CuroNext regular visitor management allows users to add their staff like Driver/Tutors etc with their documents to system. Once approved residents do not need to daily request entry and visitors can seamless enter society.



CuroNext has option to set pre-define time for cabs coming to residents flat which would be visible to guard for hassle free entry to society. Guard can enter four digit number of cab and can verify flat request to allow entry.



CuroNext has option to setpre-define time for courier or delivery for his flat which would be visible to guard for hassle free entry to society. Resident can also opt to keep items at gate which can be later picked by them by sharing otp.



CuroNext has option to generate gatepass of reidents items taken out of society by anyone. Resident can take picture of item and generate gatepass that would be visible to guard, who can allow exit after verification.


SOS Alerts

CuroNext app has option to generate SOS alerts in panic situations. Per-defined message would be sent to security guard of building, other important security peronals of society as well as 4 pre-defined numbers assigned by residents.



CuroNext web application allows society office to broadcast important notice and alerts with attachments to society members and flat owners. Society residents can view notices/alerts and can download attachments from mobile app.


Classified Postings

CuroNext app has inbuilt classified postings page from where residents can post classified ads and once approved by management can be viewed by app users.App users can view, comment and contact member posted on classified ads.

Additional Features

Some of addition unique features to make community living safe, secure and smart.

Complaint Management

CuroNext allows residents to register complaints for different utilities through app and also can keep track of complaints. Maintanance department can view complaints registered and can allocate staff accordingly. Residents can close or reopen complaints on work done.

Club/Amenities Booking

CuroNext allows society management to manage Club and other ametities booking by residents seamlessly. Residents can view available slots of future days of club/amenities and can submit request for booking. Society management can review requests and process booking.

Automated Vehicle Entry/Exit

CuroNext supports RFID based boom barrier operation for seamless entry and exit of owner’s vehicle into society. System also supports users to activate secured exit of their vehicles. In such case a message is sent to owners to allow or restrict vehicle from exiting the society.


How CuroNext benefits different stakeholders of societies -


Smart, safe and secure society, Track of personal staff, different login for family members, SOS alerts, Seamless entry of visitors/guest.


Smart and hassle free entry/exit, Regular visitors can submit documents and can skip for daily verification from residents.

Security Guards

Can provide better secuity, Fast/Trackable entry/exit, SOS alerts, Manage gates more efficiently, Fast communication, Better control.

Facility Management

Easy to manage daily entry/exit, Employees attendance, Better companint tracking and management, Fast communication, Better control.

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CuroConnect is a RFID gate based school attendance system and Communication system. It is online cloud based system helpful for school to notify parents about child entering/exiting school real time with other benefits. Parent can get notification on SMS, Mobile App as well as online on parent portal. It also helps school to send Notices, Reminders and other Messages via SMS and mobile/online Notification. School also has option to upload assignments to be downloaded by parents via Mobile App/Parent Portal. School Connect provides option to view/print important reports.

CuroNext Mobile App

Mobile App is available for both Android and iOS.


Android App

CuroNext android version mobile app for residents of society is available of Google play store. Please click on below badge to install app


iOS App

CuroNext iOS version mobile app for residents of society is available of Apple store. Please click on below badge to install app

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